Looking for the right rhythm

For Revolución Santafesina

We were commissioned by a cumbia music band to develop a logotype for their merchandise, social networks and other collateral material. They play a very specific type of Cumbia called Cumbia Santafesina which was developed in Santa Fe, Argentina. Its most distinctive characteristic feature is the use of the accordion.

The band wanted to reflect that in the logo and initially asked us to have an accordion directly drawn on the logo, however we found that too literal so we thought of the way to incorporate it in a more subtle way. We used the word REVOLUCIÓN as the body of the accordion and incorporated a very simplified drawing of the instrument’s keys at each side of the word bended in a semicircle representing the accordion.

We wanted to incorporate concepts of movement and humanness into the logo for which we used the second word Santafesina. Drawn in a playful script-like lettering.

Final result of the logo incorporating the accordion into the letters

The result of the combination reflects the serious dedication of the band with the movement and dynamism of the music they play incorporating their most characteristic element in a fun way.