Type treat

For Rob Clarke

Once again we teamed up with Rob Clarke for the development of a new custom typeface for Tim Hortons with a custom character set covering English, French and German. The typeface is based on their logotype and had to be a joining script style, which was a challenge given that the client wanted all the letter combinations to join except for the uppercase.

Contextual alternates appear as the text is set changing the shape of some letters


We developed a huge amount of ligatures in order to build contextual alternates that would make possible to join all the letters in any given combination. They also included letters with diacritics and we developed combinations of two and three letters, and built a huge list of substitutions for the OpenType feature which makes possible the contextual alternates.

We also built some other contextual alternates as final glyphs at the end of words such as s or k, longer T and t bars depending on the context, and double T joining by the bar, in order to give a bit of dynamism for a hand written feel.

Details were important in order to enhance the human feel

Overall this was a great learning experience and all parties were very satisfied with the result. We continue to grow our set of skills by working on new styles and challenging technical requirements which we love.