Building identity

For Decimal.

Our friends at Decimal Studios trusted us to re-touch their logo as they were re-building their corporate identity. We have worked with them on a substantial amount of projects over the years, however this was a special project for us as we have known Guillermo Brotons, co-founder of Decimal, for a long time. Guillermo and his team are very acurate and perfectionist designers, working with their own identity was a nice challenge.

First proposals exploring as many options as possible

We worked very closely with them in several proposals until they chose what they felt more appropriate for their new phase. As usual we supplied a few versions following the briefing and a few scaling a bit from it adding our own interpretation of the client’s needs.

We narrowed down the first proposals according to the client's choice, and explored new possibilities on the chosen options

After Decimal made their choice we re-fined and propose variations on that route together with them until we had the final version ready.

Above the old logo Decimal was using compared with the final version of the new logo

We supplied also a version to be used in small sizes which we made slightly lighter so in this use matches the weight of the original, and spaced it out a bit looser in order to keep a good rhythm as well as great legibility in very small sizes.

Refinement for its use on very small sizes

On the other hand, we were also asked to design a custom set of numerals matching the logo design as they were going to use them for a kind of animated count down in the website which would eventually become the logo. We proposed to have a set of tabular figures in order to keep the numbers in the same position while changing which prevents the animation to “dance” around horizontally.

We made variations on the structure of some figures as proposals, which eventually became alternate glyphs

We worked on a few different structures and chose the most suitable for the client’s purpose together with Decimal’s team which are the main set in the typeface we built for them. However, they like them all so the other structures proposed were kept in the font we supplied as alternates.