Catalana, moving towards the east

For Emtype Foundry

This project was a commission from Emtype foundry, Eduardo Manso designed the typeface Catalana, a bespoke typeface for Catalana Occidente. Later on they realized they needed a language extension to cover two new scripts, Greek and Cyrillic.

We were brought into the project to design those two new scripts in 3 weights plus 3 italics with two different versions, a Sans and a Serif. We developed a total of 12 fonts.

Catalana Sans and Serif

The Greek had a particular challenge as we wanted to keep the fluidity of the script while following the contemporary design of the Latin. We decided that the best strategy was using subtle curves as well as not over simplifying letterforms. In the case of the Serif style we kept the script's natural in-strokes.

Greek characteristics

For the italics, both Greek and Cyrillic, we designed proper italic forms as that also happened in the Latin.

Comparison between the italics of the three different styles

This typeface was honored with a Granshan award in the Greek category.