Xuppis is a little candy shop run by a family, they contacted us to re-design their existing logo in which each letter resembled a sweet. We develop a completely new logo, but we keep the concept of candy letters. We decided to convert the whole word into a gummy bear like sweet.

The chosen colours were a bright reddish-pink and white, we wanted to give a clean look, which would appeal both kids and adults.


After a few months of the commission we wondered how this piece of lettering would look like in other scripts. As Letterjuice enjoys this kind of challenges we decided to give it a try as an opportunity to further develop our skills in these scripts. We draw the Cyrillic, Greek, Thai, Arabic and Hebrew counterparts. The result is consistent though respectful to each script. With a quick glance it can be appreciated the diversity of the writing systems, each of them with their own rhythm while they all share the concept and mood.