• Portada, going to the South East

    A while ago we teamed up with our friends at TypeTogether to develop a Thai companion for their typeface Portada. This was a very challenging project given that the typeface was designed for a very specific purpose, to be used mainly on-screen. For us it has been a very…

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  • Caring type

    We designed a bespoke typeface for Pets at Home, a pets store which carries everything necessary for animal care. We were particularly fond of working with them as we knew they also run several refuges for abandoned cats and dogs where people can adopt an animal, and they also…

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  • Traveling to new worlds with Seville

    After having worked on the Cyrillic extension of Moller, our friends at Atipo commissioned us to carry out a quite big character set extension of another of their custom projects, Seville. This is a customised typeface from their library that was tweaked to work on the screen of smart…

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  • Mobility through language

    A while ago Atipo, a small studio dedicated to graphic and type design, contacted us to commission a Cyrillic linguistic extension for a two weights modified typeface from their library for their client Moller Mobility Group. This typeface is a geometric sans serif with a very contemporary look which…

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  • Trola widens its linguistic skills

    Jordi Embodas designed the typeface Trola, as a related Serif to Bulo. Trola is a headline typeface with moderate contrast. Jordi commissioned us to design a Cyrillic language extension for his typeface so we started as we usually do, we analysed the design carefully and made general decisions about…

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  • Branding type

    Saffron Brand Consultants re-designed their corporate identity for which they commissioned us the design of a bespoke typeface to be used on their new online and printed materials in order to help them express the concept of their renewed image.
    The briefing was to achieve the design of a display…

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  • Bespoke type tool kit

    We worked alongside Rob Clarke and LMC to develop a bespoke typeface family for Screwfix.
    The challenge on this project was to find the balance between personality and functionality. This typeface has a very specific use in the website and catalogue, it needed to work as a display font, with…

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  • Catalana, moving Eastwards

    This project was a commission from Emtype foundry, Eduardo Manso designed the typeface Catalana, a bespoke typeface for Catalana Occidente. Later on they realized they needed a language extension to cover two new scripts, Greek and Cyrillic.
    We were brought into the project to design those two new scripts in…

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  • Sápmi, when type can make a difference

    This is a self initiated project which aims to contribute to keep a group of minority languages alive through solving issues in the education environment.
    The idea of this project comes from a personal experience, while living in Finland as Erasmus student I heard about the Sámi people, one of…

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