Here are our different packs thought for you to save when purchasing more than one font within the same typeface. We offer all our different Scripts separately or together with Latin, this way you can choose what you really need, don't pay for what you are not going to use!

You can buy print liceses to up to 30 users, app and ebook licences up to 50 issues, and web fonts licences up to 1.000.000 visits. If you required more than these licencies, please contact us at so we can discuss your specific needs.

If you wish to purchase any of our typefaces for educational purposes please contact us at

  • Arabic Packs

    • Baldufa Arabic Complete

      (Regular and Bold)


    Arabic Single fonts

    • Baldufa Arabic Regular

    • Baldufa Arabic Bold


    Latin Packs

    • Baldufa Complete

      (Regular, Italic and Bold)

    • Baldufa Core

      (Regular and Italic)


    Latin Single fonts

    • Baldufa Regular

    • Baldufa Italic

    • Baldufa Bold


    Latin and Arabic Packs

    • Baldufa Arabic-Latin Complete

      (Regular, Italic [only Latin] and Bold)

    • Baldufa Arabic-Latin Core

      (Regular and Bold)


    Latin and Arabic Single Fonts

    • Baldufa Arabic-Latin Regular

    • Baldufa Arabic-Latin Bold


    Latin Webfonts Packs

    • Baldufa Complete Pack Web

      (Regular, Italic and Bold)

    • Baldufa Core Pack Web

      (Regular and Italic)


    Latin Single Webfonts

    • Baldufa Regular Web

    • Baldufa Italic Web

    • Baldufa Bold Web


    Latin App and eBook packs

    • Baldufa Complete Pack App

      (Regular, Italic and Bold)

    • Baldufa Core Pack App

      (Regular and Italic)


    Latin Single App and eBook Fonts

    • Baldufa Regular App

    • Baldufa Italic App

    • Baldufa Bold App