Caring type

We designed a bespoke typeface for Pets at Home, a pets store which carries everything necessary for animal care. We were particularly fond of working with them as we knew they also run several refuges for abandoned cats and dogs where people can adopt an animal, and they also give some of their profit to other refuges and charities working to help non-human animals.

The typeface was designed to convey the spirit of the brand and to cover the client’s needs working both on store and online. The result is PaH Oscar, a lively display typeface which has a strong personality, Oscar is friendly and reliable.

We started by sketching out a few letters forming a recurring sentence of different proposals, taking the briefing as far as possible so the client could have an idea of how this proposals could look like on their environment.

Proposal A

Proposal B

Proposal C

From those proposals the client choose option C which was the closest in terms of proportions to the previous typeface they were using.


Basic characteristics of the design

We developed the rest of the character set according to the needs, for instance we detected that they were scaling manually the figures and currency in order to set the price boxes, resulting  on lighter looking figures and currency. In order to sort this out we proposed a stylistic set of numerals and currency for setting price boxes, this way they don’t have to be scaled manually. In the stylistic set the figures and currency are smaller but keep the weight of the rest of the set, this way they can be used at exactly the same weight but reduced in size with the exact relationship the client was already using in their graphic material (75% shorter).

Figures and currency’s stylistic set

Character set

This typeface was commissioned by Rob Clarke  and Pets at Home.