Bespoke type tool kit

We worked alongside Rob Clarke and LMC to develop a bespoke typeface family for Screwfix.

The challenge on this project was to find the balance between personality and functionality. This typeface has a very specific use in the website and catalogue, it needed to work as a display font, with a modern and strong presence.


Space economy was an important part of the brief, therefore the Screwfix typeface has narrow proportions and a high x-height, however it still breathes because of its open counters. It is dynamic and has a nice reading rhythm.

The typeface family consists of 3 weights (Regular, Bold and Heavy) and two italics (Italic and Bold Italic), which are the necessary tools for Screwfix to cover their hierarchy needs across their website, catalogues and store signage.

Typeface weights and character set

Typeface used in the Screwfix website banners